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Once your institution decides to partner with The Unbeatables Academy, we will provide all the training, materials, lesson plans, manuals, and online access to the different educational modules and technical support you may require. Below, is an outline of the TUA implementation process. If you are ready to take the next step and make TUA part of your program, contact us today!

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Facilitator Training

The Unbeatables Academy provides the organization with all the training, materials, lesson plans, manuals, online access to the different educational modules and technical support they require. The organization is responsible for designating among their own staff who will be the facilitators and through a very comprehensive online training we prepare and certify them to be a TUA facilitator. These facilitators will be ready to run the virtual presentations, interact with the children and implement The Unbeatables Academy's unique reward system to their own students.

"I have not found a program quite like this one! It helps kids stay active, learn life skills, teaching them the value of being healthy and above all having alot of fun along the way!!! My daughter has been going to the camp for a few years now and she loves it!!! She will be back again this year!!!"

Alexandra Ortiz

“This program is truly one of a kind, not only involved in sports but also teaching kids life skills. As a counselor, I was able to see how much the kids grew in the matter of one summer. Everything done in this camp from daily activities to planned filed trips was done with the kids in mind, and I can honestly say working with them and other staff members led to an unforgettable summer. I highly suggest this camp to everyone!”

Ale Palau

"Finally the time is almost here!!! my son Juanjose can't wait for summer! this is really the best summer program ever! thank you guys! This will be his 3rd year assisting to this program, and we as a family love it, my son was very shy, and he has learned to interact with others at this program!"

Alejandra Cadavid

"Best summer program in Miami!!! This is my sons third year and he loves it. The staff is amazing and i like the way they interact with the kids. Great jobs!!!"

Lysha Encarnacion

"This program really has it all! It doesn't only have the best combination of sports and indoor activities. But, it is also a life coaching program focused in personal skills and values (hard to find now days....) My twins and I loved it! Looking forward for summer to attend again!"

Pilar Becerra-Londono