The Research behind TUA

The Unbeatables Academy Program is a collaborative, solution-focused, result-oriented system in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of the kids life experience and performance in various domains and foster self-directed learning, personal growth and goal attainment.

The Unbeatables Academy is the result of teamwork from professionals in the fields of Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, Life Coaching, Education, Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultants.

After reviewing the increasing statistics in the physical, mental and behavioral problems children are facing nowadays; the team came up with the 6 areas in children’s lives where they need more guidance. They are: fitness and nutrition, social and family interactions, school, career, finances and emotional life.

Based on the Experimental Learning or (ELT), the Grow theory by John Whitmore and the Reinforcement theory, the team shaped the content and the delivery of the program for the ages of the kids that The Unbeatables Academy is set for.

Also, we used the Facilitation Theory and the Positive Psychology for all related to the training of the staff that will implement the program.

In terms of other areas of the program, the team made an extensive research in the fields of sports psychology, business management and kid’s wellness.