About us

Our Award Winning Program

The Unbeatables Academy offers an interactive online and offline life skills training program for children, delivered by a squad of 5 super heroes: Fit Freddy, Friendly Felix, Caring Carol, Clever Cleo and Achiever Ai-Jay, with the mission of rescuing children from their enemies such as: obesity, bullying, sinking grades, boredom, lack of motivation, confusion, and social anxiety, among others. Their powers lie in having the ability  to solve everyday problems and how to live a healthy and productive life.

The Unbeatables Academy is designed for after school programs, summer camps and any children’s extracurricular activity center that will have the opportunity to obtain a license and be trained to run our program at their own institution. Those institutions that will offer our Life Skills Training will be able to create a better community not only within their institutions but outside them as well, by raising up successful children that will be more productive members of our society. It is a proven program that has been created by experts in the fields of Psychology, Family Therapy, Life Coaching, Education, Nutrition and Wellness. It is currently endorsed and implemented by the City of Doral in their summer camps, and has been awarded as the Educational Program of the Year by the Minority Chamber of Commerce.

Contact The Unbeatables Academy today and find out how you can become one of the superheroes that will make a difference in our children’s lives.

Taking Action, Moving Forward

After years of consultations as a psychologist and marriage and family therapist, TUA founder Gabriela Casanas realized that the physical, mental and social problems our children experience today were escalating. The lack of resources available to families and their children only aggravated the situation. Thus, The Unbeatables Academy was born.

The Unbeatables are a crew of 5 super heroes with the power to possess the tools, tips and tricks needed to be successful in all aspects of life and transmit those powers to any child who wants to be like them. The Unbeatables are used in every aspect of TUA.

Teaching Methods

The Unbeatables Academy is an on and off line program that teaches kids life skills in a fun and interactive way. Online, in the form of 5 virtual characters that talk to the kids about ways of how they can effectively handle different situations that daily lives present to them; and off line by the intervention of live facilitators which interrelate with the students during the whole presentation. Both parts of the program guarantee longer lasting learning by working with how a child's brain works.

The program also uses a well structured reward system that allows the kids to earn incentives according with their behaviors, which increases their motivation and participation.

Our Founder

Gabriela Casanas

Gabriela Casanas

Owner and CEO

Psychologist graduated in Venezuela where she specialized in Sports Psychology. She moved to Miami, where she continued working on the Physical and Mental fields. She possesses a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and she is also certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Wellness and Nutrition Expert and Meditation Instructor. She currently runs a private family therapy practice, using a multidisciplinary approach. In contributing to the health and happiness of the local youth, in 2009 she founded a company that runs sports summer camps. Gabriela brings her vast experience and knowledge working with children and families into her camps and creates the most innovative system to do Summer camps: Camp Unbeatables: a program that combines Life Skills Training for children with sports and fun activities.

This program has been a real success, changing lives in a positive way of many children and families. Her mission is to expand this program to its maximum level to benefit as much people as possible.


Our Team

Meet some of the members of our esteemed didactic team

Something magical happens when you watch a child become successful in both life and in the classroom. Through handling a difficult situation with family or peers, conquering a fear or overcoming a personal difficulty. With TUA our lessons are immersive through the power of both physical and virtual methods. Our team of facilitators and virtual superheroes challenge children to turn difficulties they once faced into strengths to help them be successful now and in the future.


Thomas Anderson

Administrative Director

Thomas is a former Venezuela’s Davis-Cup. He graduated as a Business Administrator from New Mexico State University.  Based on his own experience and his beliefs about the importance of sports in children and teen’s development, he founded University Sports Program, one of the most prestigious sports recruiting corporations worldwide. During the last 17 years has organized summer camps and try-outs in different cities throughout the United States and all over the world.


Monica Candelas

Art Designer and Content Editor

Monica has dedicated the last 21 years working in the publishing industry with Grupo Santillana, in Puerto Rico and Florida. She leads the Art Department and Design and Production of digital products, specializing in school content and children's literature projects.


Maria Gonzalez

Educational Program Consultant

"I am blessed with the opportunity in life with the calling of being an educator. It was not what I thought I was going to be doing in my life. When growing up I wanted to be a scientist in some quiet lab discovering the next cure. However education choose me after finishing my BS in Health Education, then going on into the field of psychology, particularly Systemic Family Therapy. For some their career path is very straight forward; for many it is an opportunity to explore several options, specially in today's world. The most important is waking up and feeling fulfill and ready for the days challenge"


Beatriz Aguilera

Staff Recruiter and Trainer

Over 17 years of professional experience in human resources including corporate recruitment & Headhunting, organizational development, change management, culture alignment and leadership development.


Diego Mera

Characters Animation and editing

Director of animated series for children for the last 15 years. Diego has developed and directed series for public TV in Australia, Brazil and for production companies in USA and Europe. Among his most important projects there are: FINDING MY MAGIC - Children's Rights Series - Save the Children Australia and OLD Gorillaville - Dreamworks TV.


Iris Martinez

Software Developing Consultant

Marketing and business professional with solid experience and proven successes in the Telecom Industry. Over 20 years of experience. Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences. Master’s degree in Marketing from IESA (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracion) in Caracas, Venezuela and Telecommunications Management from Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela.

The Unbeatables

Our Virtual Superheroes

Fit Freddy

Freddy is a healthy young gentleman, both physically and mentally. He follows a balanced diet everyday and exercises regularly.


Caring Carol

Carol is a sweet and very compassionate young lady. She is always helping people around her.


Clever Cleo

Cleo is a stylish and smart girl. She loves to get good grades and dress in the latest fashions.


Friendly Felix

Felix is an extrovert and socialable guy. He loves to spend quality time with his friends and family.


Achiever Ay-jai

Ay-jai is a go getter and hard working young guy. He is pretty clear about what attaining goals in life means: Planning and consistent effort.

"I have not found a program quite like this one! It helps kids stay active, learn life skills, teaching them the value of being healthy and above all having alot of fun along the way!!! My daughter has been going to the camp for a few years now and she loves it!!! She will be back again this year!!!"

Alexandra Ortiz

“This program is truly one of a kind, not only involved in sports but also teaching kids life skills. As a counselor, I was able to see how much the kids grew in the matter of one summer. Everything done in this camp from daily activities to planned filed trips was done with the kids in mind, and I can honestly say working with them and other staff members led to an unforgettable summer. I highly suggest this camp to everyone!”

Ale Palau

"Finally the time is almost here!!! my son Juanjose can't wait for summer! this is really the best summer program ever! thank you guys! This will be his 3rd year assisting to this program, and we as a family love it, my son was very shy, and he has learned to interact with others at this program!"

Alejandra Cadavid

"Best summer program in Miami!!! This is my sons third year and he loves it. The staff is amazing and i like the way they interact with the kids. Great jobs!!!"

Lysha Encarnacion

"This program really has it all! It doesn't only have the best combination of sports and indoor activities. But, it is also a life coaching program focused in personal skills and values (hard to find now days....) My twins and I loved it! Looking forward for summer to attend again!"

Pilar Becerra-Londono